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Weekly Training

All members are asked to attend as many of the weekly meetings as possible. Most meetings are held on Tuesday nights at 7:00 pm and last approximately two hours. The first Tuesday meeting is a department business meeting, the second is a fire training, the third is an EMS training, and the fourth Tuesday is a rescue training, which generally combines elements of both fire and EMS. While all members are asked to attend as much training as possible, the meetings are voluntary, except as required for membership purposes.

New members responding on emergency calls will be issued necessary equipment and respond in the company of a full member. In order to maintain active membership in IHFR, members are required to meet a minimum call volume, in addition to attending at least six (6) of the monthly business meetings annually and at least six (6) fire and six (6) EMS trainings. Rescue trainings count as 1/2 fire training and 1/2 EMS training.

Opportunities for outside training are abundant, although not required. IHFR members attend national and state conferences and learn valuable skills through training not always available at the local level.

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