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Fourth of July Activities

Unfortunately, the normal Fourth of July activities we have here at the fire station have fallen victim to COVID-19. We cannot have the July Movie Night, the Pancake Breakfast, or the Parade in the traditional manner due to the current social distancing guidelines and county permitting requirements. However, this is still Indian Hills and the Fourth of July is kind of our thing, so we still have something special planned. We are planning a “Training Operation” on the Fourth of July beginning at about 10:00 a.m. that will follow this route:

Parmalee Gulch to Santa Clara Rd, around Santa Clara then left on Taos Road, right onto Cherokee Road, right onto Taos Road, left on Giant Gulch, right on Anahina Road, right on Shawnee Road to Chiquita, right on Natsihi Road. We will resume on Inca Road to Otowi Road, Right on Kiowa, left on Nampeyo Road, Right on Otowi Road, right on Navajo Road, Supai Road to Matterhorn Drive to Weisshorn Drive, left on Mont Blanc Drive, Right on Moqui Road, Left on Aztec Road, Right on Shoshone Road, Right on Commanche Road, left on Picutis, left on Ohkay Road.

If you would like to go down to the end of your driveway along this route, we would love to see your smiling faces (behind masks, of course) along the way. We ask that this be a dry year and that you respect the current guidelines for social distancing and gatherings of less than 10 people.

We miss “Normal”, too and we continue to look for opportunities to interact with our community. This is the best we can do under the circumstances and we have not given up hope on trying to make the final Movie Night work, but it’s going to depend on what the restrictions are at the time. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates.

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