Image by Nani Williams

Slash Collection Ongoing in Jefferson County


If you have slash on your property, it's time to start collecting. And Jefferson County makes it easy for residents to dispose of the debris by providing slash collection sites.

Open to all Jefferson County residents, the slash collection sites accept tree debris, pine needles, and limbs with a maximum length of eight feet and a maximum diameter of six inches. Tree stumps, construction materials, rocks, and household trash will not be accepted.

Jeffco Road & Bridge Shop, Indian Hills

This location will be a collection site on August 10-11.

4267 Comanche Rd, Indian Hills, CO 80454


A complete list of slash collection dates is available at

For more information, contact either Mark Danner at Jefferson County at 303- 271-5008 or Bret Roller at Rolling R Ranch at 303-589- 4698.