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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join IHFR?

A: The Join IHFR page is dedicated to answering just this question. You can also download our informational documents and an application

Q: What are your district's boundaries?

A: The District serves an area of 12 square miles. The easiest explanation of our boundaries is Hwy 285 from just west of Hwy 8 to Brookmont Rd. and along both sides of Parmalee Gulch Rd. to Meyers Gulch Rd. (Pence Park), and including most of Mt. Falcon Park. 
Indian Hills Fire Protection District Map (IHFR_DIST_MAP.pdf)

Q: To be a firefighter, do you have to live within District boundaries?

A: Our preference is to have members that live in district because they are more likely to have quick response times and are at less risk when responding to the station in their own vehicle for a call. However, we may consider someone residing outside the district. 


Q: How can I help the department without being a firefighter?

A: There are many ways to help. You can join the Fire Boots auxiliary, which supports the department. Of course, you can always make a welcomed donation at the bottom of our web page. 


Q: Is there a standard size, type and location for a house's address sign/number?

A: Signs/numbers should be at least two inches high, mounted at the end of the driveway (on a tree or pole), between 36 and 48 inches from the ground (above most snow depths) and be reflective (to be seen with a flashlight at night). Residents in homes that still display the old four digit fire numbers (not the address) should remove those since that numbering system is no longer used. The fire department only uses street addresses. It's important to remember that many houses in the community have access issues, are poorly lit at night and can be hard to find. A highly visible sign will assist in a more rapid response. 


Q: How do I obtain a burn permit?

A: Complete the application for a burn permit and send it to the Fire Marshal. He will review the application and do an onsite inspection.  


Q: Can I burn a recreational fire/bonfire at my house?

A: If there is no burn ban or restrictions in effect (check our IHFR Blog Alerts and/or Jefferson County), then a cooking fire is permitted. The fire must be contained in a fire pit no larger than 3' x 3' and the fire must be no taller than 2'. The fire pit must never be left unattended and must be located in an open area. As a safety precaution, there must also be a water hose connected nearby. 

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