Fire Danger Mitigation

The summers in our area bring with them the danger of wildfire. The dry and windy conditions that we frequently experience are a great cause for concern in Indian Hills and all along the front range. The wildfire season starts early due to those dry, windy conditions and by April, the state can be at severe risk. Unfortunately, most wildfires are human caused, as were most of the serious fires over the last few seasons, which means they could have been prevented. Some of the fires are from the careless disposal of smoking material, and some are even intentional. It's important to remember that any fire in our community, no matter how small, can become a wildland fire. If conditions are right, the spread of fire can be rapid. Please pay attention to the fire restrictions and ban warnings when posted and help ensure the safety of the community. Smokey the Bear says "Only you can prevent wildfires." That has never been more true than now. 

To help minimize the risk, please take the time to mitigate your property by:

  • removing dead trees

  • clearing downed limbs and slash (see disposal information)

  • not stacking firewood within 15 feet of your house or outbuildings

  • keeping branches trimmed back at least 15 feet from your roof and chimney

  • keeping gutters clear of pine needles, leaves and other debris

Ideally, you should have a defensible space around your home of 15-30 feet that is free of all vegetation. 

It is also important to have a plan in the event that a fire or emergency does occur. 

Indian Hills Fire Rescue is a volunteer department comprised of local citizens - your neighbors - who are willing to sacrifice their time, energy and often their safety and comfort to help the community when the alarm sounds. Please help them by reducing your risk. Hopefully, the green days of summer will last longer than the dog days. If not, we'll be ready. Are you?

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